Taylor Zobrist & Taylor Hill

Taylor Zobrist & Taylor Hill
Shower Date: August 24, 2024
Wedding Date: October 12, 2024
Gift Certificates purchased by: July 27, 2024

how we met:

Taylor and Taylor attended the same high school, Greenville high school. however, the two were mere acquaintances. following high school the two went their separate ways, attending different colleges. on the night of November 6, 2020 the two happened to wander into the same bar, lenjo’s bar, and reconnected. the next day Taylor h invited Taylor as well as two friends over for a double-date barbeque at his house.

officially dating:

Taylor waited around for months before Taylor finally made it official following a day of everyone at the bags tournament asking whether or not we were dating. this occurred on May 30, 2021 at Carlyle village campground.

yes day:

Picture of Yes Day:

while in Mexico celebrating the wedding of Taylor Z coworkers, the hints and cues were coming left and right, however, little did she know what Taylor had in store for her. from concerns of baggage being checked at the airport, to Taylor catching the bouquet the night before, to Taylor almost finding it in the safe that morning when grabbing his wallet out of for an off-site excursion the nerves were on high. Taylor H found the perfect opportunity to surprise her with a romantic dinner with a photographer to take our first professional photos together on May 21, 2023 (as it was a week before our 2nd year dating anniversary). the two traveled around the resort taking various photographs before Taylor got down on one knee proposed and she said yes. This date holds special meaning as it is the anniversary of Taylor’s parent’s wedding anniversary.

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