Nicole Blackburn & Brandon Rosner

Nicole Blackburn & Brandon Rosner
Shower Date: March 27th and April 23rd
Wedding Date: June 18, 2022
Gift Certificates purchased by: May 1, 2022


Brandon and I knew each other starting freshman year of college. We both had mutual friends and got to know each other. Between freshman and sophomore year we became really good friends and knew something more was there. It just took a while for us to realize that. It was right before our sophomore year started when he took me to a Cardinals game and asked me to be his girlfriend. Through the rest of the years of college was a challenging time for both of us as we were both trying to study for college also trying to find ourselves, grow as individuals and participate in the activities we were involved in. We have been through so much and always chose each other to grow with. I was expecting to get engaged but I had no idea when. On a vacation to Arizona with my best friend he got on one knee in front of horseshoe bend and asked me to marry him and we have done so much since.

Once we graduated college we both started our careers as teachers. We have worked through a pandemic all while getting our masters degree, getting a puppy, building a house and planning the wedding. I am the more adventurous one who loves to travel, and making Brandon go with me and my family to different places has made us realize how much we like traveling together and creating memories. We wanted our honeymoon to be a trip we would never forget, one where we build memories for a lifetime and have never experienced before. We are planning to do a lot of activities and would appreciate all the help. After a 2 year long engagement, we are excited to finally get married and celebrate our wedding with all of our friends and family. Our adventure is just getting started.

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