Amanda Reiman & Luke Kapp

Shower Date: October 5, 2019

Wedding Date: November 8, 2019

Purchase Gift Certificates By: August 1, 2020

Sometimes the universe spins you in the right direction at just the right time, and you find yourself exactly where you’ve always wanted to be. That’s what it felt like when I met Luke.     Out of the blue, he came into my life and changed everything!

10 years later & still best friends,  we’ve built a beautiful family in a home full of love and constant laughter, and we can not wait to start our next chapter as (FINALLY) married!

The couple will be eloping in the fall for a private ceremony in Savannah, Georgia and plan to take a tropical honeymoon in 2020!

We are planning an escape in 2020 to spend a week enjoying our lives as newlyweds!

Our agent is Stacy Billhartz – 618-420-0350

Our Confirmation number is 10052019 – you will need this to pay for the certificate

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