Kelsey Wagner & Jacob Groff

Jacob and Kelsey-
Wedding Date: 22 September 2018
This is Kelsey’s story of how the two met:
Jake and I met on a cold February afternoon. We were both invited over to our friends house for supper. Jake being his shy self said about three words the whole night. I decided to give it another shot he seemed like a cool dude.  On our second time seeing Each other he picked me up in a original 37 Chevy. With no heat (it was still February) and only went 45 miles an hour. I was hooked. Nine months later in December he proposed. He took me to Chicago for the weekend and insisted we ride the Ferris wheel to see all the Christmas lights. White knuckled and scared for our lives we rode the Ferris wheel. His romantic proposal was ruined with all the Chinese talking chatter between our cart passengers. The next morning we left Chicago in a hurry to make it home for family Christmas, he decided we needed to stop and measure garage doors at our new house. He popped the question right there in the garage. Was the best surprise I could of ever ask for! We will be celebrating our marriage on September 22nd! We will be Spending our honeymoon in Aruba relaxing with our butts in the sand and a beer in our hand!

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