Paige Lampe & Tom Menteer

Paige Lampe & Thomas Menteer
Shower Date: May 22, 2021
Wedding Date: September 4, 2021
Gift Certificates purchased by: July 10, 2021


How we met: “Tom and Paige were trying to survive their sophomore year at Saint Louis University when their lovely friends/roommates decided it was time to force them to go on a double date. If you know Tom and Paige, they are not the most social creatures so this was very far outside of their comfort zone. They made the exciting trek all the way to SLU’s cafeteria and settled in for lunch. Low and behold, this lunch consisted of exchanging names and pleasantries. It ended with a nice firm handshake and a decision that they probably had the worst date ever. As fate would have it, they bumped into each other on campus just a few weeks later and Tom asked for a do-over; the rest is history <3”
Before the Proposal: Tom asks Jeff for permission to marry Paige!
How he proposed: “With a bit of luck, Paige’s best friend Siarra happens to be a wickedly talented photographer. Knowing that detail, Tom was able to pull off one of the most thoughtful proposals of all time. On this cold winter night, they geared up to enjoy a night out with friends at the Missouri Botanical Garden to see the Garden Glow. With the ingredients for a perfect proposal all present, Paige suspected something was up at first and subjected Tom to numerous pat-downs. Having no luck feeling a ring box, Paige was a little defeated after her hopes of receiving a ring this holiday season were dashed. After they stopped at each exhibit to take pictures, Tom suddenly pulled out his phone to show Paige that he had taken the ring to her dad’s memorial bench in Highland to ask for permission and proceeded to get down on one knee. In storybook fashion, Siarra was able to capture the moment in the “Five Golden Rings” exhibit making for the best proposal.”


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