Alicia Litteken & Jacob Keck

Alicia Litteken & Jacob Keck
Wedding Date: March 30, 2019
This is Alicia’s story of how the two met:
Jacob and I met playing sand volleyball at Hank’s Bowl one Wednesday night, little did we know this casual meeting, coordinated by his sister (soon to be our sister), would end up being our fairytale beginning.  Our story began as many late nights waiting up for Jacob to get off work, many adventures with family and friends, to eventually us moving into our home together.  On January 27, we took off for a couple’s getaway to Hermann for the weekend (or so I thought).  Jacob surprised me with the perfect proposal at Stone Hill Winery, followed by a trolley ride to Tin Mill Brewery, where I lost it.  He had all of our family waiting inside to surprise me and celebrate our beginning of forever together.  It was a perfectly planned weekend by my future husband.

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