Luke & Chelsie – Secret Honeymoon Adventure

Chelsie and Luke met through a friend and fellow employee. They met at Chelsie’s mom’s restaurant and had a few drinks and just hit it off! Luke & Chelsie have been dating for 3 1/2 years! Luke says, “I knew for a long time that I would marry Chelsie! She is about as strong and beautiful person that I could ever ask for. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me no doubt! Enough of the sappy stuff haha! I told two of my closest friends that I was going to buy a ring, they both agreed to come with me, this was both a good thing and a bad thing haha! They were there to calm the nerves but I believe they did just the opposite! I told my buddy I was going to wait awhile before I would ask her but just wanted to get the buying a ring part out of the way! This did not happen, when I saw the ring the only thing I could think about was to give it to her.
Time to pop the big question! Luke planned a nice relaxing evening with family and a few friends to have a nice BBQ and a fire in a new fire pit that was custom made with my last name in it. The whole gang was all sitting around when Luke got up and grabbed Chelsie by the hand and brought her in front of the fire pit with the last name VOSS showing off in front of the flames. Little did she know this would soon to be her last name too!  Luke says, “I don’t recall ever being that nervous in my life!! I knew she would say yes but I’m sure all men in that situation know the feeling!” Luke dropped down on one knee and asked Chelsie to marry him.  She said, “Yes!”
So now comes the wedding planning…Luke says, “Chelsie has done 99% of the planning and I could tell she was getting stressed out! She told me she would like ideas for destinations for our honeymoon! I told Chelsie that I met Stacy through work, and that I really like how she seems very organized and helpful with anything I have asked.  Stacy gave us several options – many of which Chelsie liked- so from there I took over.  Stacy and I discussed making the honeymoon a surprise for Chelsie and announce our destination on the night of our wedding! Stacy was all for it and helped me through the entire process! So, as I sit here writing this letter, Stacy and I are the only two people who actually know the destination of my honeymoon. I haven’t told our parents or even the Maid of Honor!! I cannot wait to see Chelsie’s face along with everyone in the hall when I tell her that we are going to……..”
Stacy at Total Access Travel has been fantastic, and will recommend her every time someone says they are going on a trip!! I hope this letter may inspire some to do the same!! Bring on May 19, 2018!!!
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